Mr. Rosen's Video on Property Distribution

Good Morning,

Just watched Mr. Rosen’s video on Property Distribution and found it to be most helpful. He mentions throwing ALL property into a large pot and then removing things that fall into categories that are not marital property. We have been living separately almost 3 years now and no other property is in dispute.

I am wondering, if the only property in dispute in a jointly titled home, do we still have to go through this long process or can we just list the house for ED?
There ARE other things that were left at the marital home that I suppose could be considered…an Airstream travel trailer, work tools acquired after marriage & a car trailer for his work, materials purchased for remodeling the home (left uncompleted) etc…is he required to list these in Discovery?

I am currently awaiting his discovery documents, so I can respond.

Thank You.

You can request information relating to any and all marital property in discovery if you have already filed for ED. You can just list the house, or list the house plus all other items. It’s up to what the parties want to include, but all marital property (from homes to personal effects) can be distributed via an ED trial if necessary.