Emails as evidence

I posted earlier and haven’t received any responses and I’m a little impatient. I’d like to ask the same question in a different manner…can emails be used as evidence in an AOA suit? I am guilty of messaging this man. I have talked to him on the phone on a few occasions while he was separated. I used to work with him and that’s when the emails began. We realized it wasn’t healthy and stopped. However, his wife found the old emails while he was separated and went a little crazy with accusations of an affair and scared him into coming home since we all did work together. She has a position in the department with our boss and has a little influence there. He felt if he could get her to calm down, he would leave again, and no one would have to go through any dirty laundry being aired.

While he was still living with her, but in separate rooms, he called to let me know what was going on and to tell me not to worry. A couple of months went by, I heard something in the community that upset me, I emailed him and we sent a week’s worth of messages rehashing the past. Again, the wife read these messages, printed them, and is now saying we had an affair and she’s going to sue again.

We did not have an affair. We did email and talk on the phone sporatically. We had feelings for each other, but it’s never been the right time for us with what all we had going on in our lives. She believes there was more than there was and she makes me nervous. I don’t want to worry. I know she only has emails since that’s all there is. Can she use these against me?

They can be used, but they must be authenticated. The involved evidentiary issues are beyond the scope of the forum.