Employer not taking CS Out


I am trying to prove my ex’s employer is not taking out his child support payments. We return to Davidson County court on July 11th to review the case. We are in court every few months and I asked my worker to get tax records, pay stubs, and payment records from his employer to prove he wasn’t taking out the CS. She did suopoena the records but the sheriff returned the unable to deliver, I still don’t know why. My worker said she can’t reissue for July court because it is a review. This happens almost everytime we are in court. He has a great job, he gets a glowing letter from his employer, her pays a few hundred dollars and the rest goes into arrears of now $40,000.00. My worker tells me to take the money because the Judge won’t do anything (I really miss Judge Covington) since he is $3,000.00 behind everytime I really need it. Can I bring any of this up at court on July 11th? Can I also bring up he pays for his niece to go to proms and very expensive graduation pictures etc. etc His niece and my daughter are the same age. He doesn’t have anything to do with my daughter.


All of those facts go to his ability to pay child support, so questions about his job, income and expenses would all be relevant if you are establishing an order or enforcing it.