Equitable distribution forms

I was told by the courthouse that NC does not have Equitable Distribution forms and I have no money to afford an attorney…what do I do now???

There is no form, one has to submit a motion or file an action. Here is an example from one of the counties. It’s just a guideline, so you’d need to change some stuff depending upon where you are:

To do this you will need to gather all financial and ownership records for both separate and joint property. Things like:

[ul] Financial statements
Bank accounts
All debts, such as credit card accounts, lines of credit, loans, student loans, etc.
Tax returns
Real estate records (deeds, liens, etc)
Retirement plans and retirement accounts
All insurance policies
Business records
Stocks and Other Investments
Estate or trust records
Salary and other sources of income
List contents of any safety deposit boxes
Bonus and Commission Information
Employment Fringe Benefits
Executed wills and trusts[/ul]

You should probably download a copy of the local rules of civil court pertinent to your county so that you understand the timelines and procedures required by the courts as well as understanding answers to claims and counterclaims, and answers to counterclaims.

Some counties have self-serve clinics which offer sample Complaints. I suggest you contact your county courthouse to see if such a clinic is available in your county. You may also want to check out our DIY service which includes an extensive library with sample complaints and other necessary forms. You will need to file a Complaint that includes a specific request for equitable distribution in the prayer for relief. There is no form for ED.