Equitable distribution

My ex had our equitable distribution written up through his lawyer and I signed it after my lawyer hesitantly agreed. In the agreement is states that I will receive $7000 from his thrift saving plan and it will roll over to my thrift savings plan. After getting the court order and everything sent off I have been going back and forth because the money was never transfered so I called thrift savings gave them the info and found out he never had a thrift savings plan it was a T rowe account. I have asked for the information so I can open up an account to get it transfered, but now he said he won’t give me that information unless I pay the money that the equitable distribution says I owe the IRS but we are pending an investigation on that matter since I filed innocent spouse. That won’t be decided for a few more months but I continue to pay what I owe each month anyway so I am not in contempt. Two questions: can he withhold that information and if not what can I do to get it - second we have had equitable distribution signed for a year now - is there a time limit on me getting that money and since there is not date for payment to me on other accounts that he still hasn’t paid me for is there a time limit on that as well. i appreciateyour time to help me.