Equity on the Car

Is it worth it to take my ex to court over my car? I am driving a 2008 Highlander with no loan on it. I drove this car during our marriage, separation, and divorce (legally divorced for one year). It is in my ex’s name. I did file for equitable distribution while separated, but never made it to court. We verbally settled on everything. He was going to sign the car over. Now he said he will be coming next week to take the car and sell it. He would give me 50% of proceeds. We were married for 10 years, I was the homemaker, and he decided to leave the marriage. He his paying no alimony because he claimed to lose his job right before the divorce was final. Also, he has already remarried. I am working but have very little income - not even sure how I am going to fit a car payment into my budget. It it worth it to take him to court over my car? Are the attorneys that take a small flat fee for this?

If you do not have a written separation agreement or court order that gives you title to the car then he may sell it, and the proceeds are likely 100% his.