Establishing NC residency


You have already begun to answer your question. Bank account records, current bills to a North Carolina address in your name, pictures of you at various times in North Carolina are all ways that you can prove your residency. You should also get a drivers license, and register to vote in your county. Or course, you can also have witnesses testify on your behalf, if necessary. The only reason you would really need this information is if your husband contested your residency in North Carolina. Otherwise, you would simply take an oath that your testimony (or whatever document you might sign with your residency information) is true and accurate.

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Dear Rosen Law firm,

I have posted two previous messages regarding residency and received replies from Janet Fritts and Lisa Angel and it seems like I haven’t been too clear as to what I am asking. I’d like to try again to get an answer to my question, including all of the relevant details for you.

I grew up in North Carolina and I currently live in Italy (my husband and I were married in the US). My husband also lives in Italy, but in a different city, so we are physically separated. We are talking about in which country to file for divorce. In Italy the process is 3 years long and in the US the process is usually shorter than that. Therefore, since we both feel that we can’t truly move forward in life until we officially divorce and free each other up to meet another future spouse, we are thinking that it is far better for us to file for a divorce in the US. We are considering my PERMANENT move back to the US in order to establish residency and start a new life back in the States and then file for a divorce once I have done my six-months of residency back in the States.
When I return to North Carolina, I’d like to be able to move the process of the divorce filing along as quickly as possible. So, I’m writing Rosen Law Firm in order to know exactly how one documents one’s presence in NC for residency purposes. I would move back to my parents place in Chapel Hill and so I wouldn’t have my name on a lease to prove I live there. I’d have an NC bank account and other ways to show my local address. How does one prove one’s residency for divorce purposes?

Thank you for any help you can provide. I can be available to make a call from Italy to speak to one of your attornies and consider working with Rosen.