Evidence not present to other party and accepted in court



My ex-husband presented “evidence” to court and he didn’t even show it to the Plaintiff (me)

The court made his determination base on that “evidence”. I checked the transcript to be 100% sure. I am right. I had a lawyer but she didn’t mention anything, I don’t think she even noticed it. I found out because the judge said how did he came with the conclusion at the end and I knew he was wrong, so I decided to checked the evidence presented in the clerk of court by myself and ask for the transcript.
Can I appeal?
How long will it take for a response and to be able to go back to court if my appeal is accepted.
Thank you so much.


You have the right to appeal your judgement, if there are sufficient grounds for appeal the Court of Appeals will hear your case. You cannot introduce new evidence, the Court of Appeals will only be making a determination as to whether the trial court judge was correct or not in his or her ruling, based on the evidence presented at your hearing. To learn about the appeals process, read subsection E of our article: Navigating Basic Court Procedure.