Ex GF Moving out of NC to AZ

Ex Girl friend has told me last week in an email that she is moving to Arizona from NC Asheville and did not say when. I have come to find out it will be at the end of February. She is taking 3 of our children with her and her (married to another man) lesbian lover. As well as given my oldest son over to a 26 year old “mentor” without my consent. The ages are 6,9,11,14
She has also filed false police reports about being raped and having to go to jail for it back in 2004. She is known to lie a lot off and on to those around her about anything especially me. NO abuse or filing of any kind against me and have a spotless record as well. Have a Job an apartment and barley hanging on to my place since CS increased over 125 percent this past month.
There are no court papers or actions involved on any of the children except child support that I pay every pay period.
I am on 3 of the 4 children’s birth certificate and have been paying CS. All visitations were arranged between just her and I. Again no legal court bindings all this time accept Child Support.
She has no family, no job, or schooling in Arizona and is just picking up and moving there. As well as with her married lesbian lover that has been living with her since end of October of 2011. She has only known her since last July 2011.
I need to know how to file quickly, where to go to fill out the paper work, what kind of documents should I be asking for, & if I can file a police report if she ends up running. Need to know before she disappears on me since she has not told me an address…Just told me somewhere near Flagstaff Arizona. Which is over 1000 miles away from me. She also has a 5th child by another man and is doing the same thing to him, but he just does not care and says too much money for him. Even though I cannot pay for a lawyer I at least need to get something started so I can find a way to get hold of some money or something. Even if I have to represent my children and myself. I do not care, just cannot lose my children… So it has only been a week notice since 2/12/2012. Please help a caring father out before it is too late.

That is a difficult situation. You should file for an action for emergency custody, and permanent custody, to try to prevent the move to AZ with your children.