Ex has job now & about right of first refusal

My fiance’s ex has a job now and refuses to let my fiance know whether its a full or pt job. She also refuses to report it to child support. Does she have to report her new job? Also, my fiance at one time had 2 full time jobs but right now he only has one so there’s been quite a decrease in income, yet he is still paying the amount he did for 2 full time jobs. Is there any way he could get this reduced? We have to live too! Lastly, my fiance and his ex have mediation on the 20th he wants to ask for a right of first refusal, is this difficult to get? Child is in year-round school, and spends all teacher work days and trackxouts at the ymca which she hates, would right of first refusal put her in my fiance’s care during that time instead of the day camp she attends?

If the defendant due to a new job and having to do extensive training misses their deadline to counterclaim for custody, can they file an appeal to get an extension to counter claim? Original papers were filed in Wake County, defendant lives in Durham County. Thanks!

It sounds like he needs to file a motion to modify child support. Whether a right of first refusal is attainable depends on the totality of the circumstances, but my experience has been that they are fairly easy to obtain if one parent is available for care at specific times (i.e., after-school care) and granting it will allow the child to be with a parent rather than a third party and save the parties the expense of child care.