Ex husband stealing from the property


and yes he did have a girlfriend before my leaving and still does have her. they go to all the public places here in town and she was attending my church before the seperation, by his invitation for about a month.


Dear jan:

Greetings. It is probably legal, what he is doing, but may not be “right” with regards to how the court will treat your marital property. I recommend that you speak with an attorney immediately before more marital funds disappear. Thank you.

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My husband and I have been married 19+ years when he came home from a hunting trip and told me he couldnt live with me anymore.He had backed against a wall screaming at me. I had never seen him like this, he had left 3 shotguns sitting by the door so when he backed away and sat down I walked out. We have built a buisness together for the past 15 years, plus I worked at other jobs all during my marriage. I retired from the buisnes 2 years ago to let her have an income at my husbands suggestion, she is my step daughter. Now it seems the past 2 years my husband has become dishonest,since our seperation I have found hidden bank accounts,transferring accounts from one place to another, claiming bills that are paid on the ED. hiding property that belongs to the company,taking cash for work completed and taking personal checks or cash. After our seperation date he purchased 2 more machines for the buisness making the buisness more in debt than it was when I left. Im VP of the corp and never signed anything is any of this leagal? Im sorry I know its a lot of questions but I need answers, thank you…Jan