Ex wants to vary from court order

My ex and I were in court for child support review in October and the judge ordered him to pay arrears and 1/2 of our youngest daughter’s orthodontic bill ($875) out of a severance package within 30 days receiving it, in addition to the new monthly obligation.
Instead, he spent the severance package and has paid neither.
Now, he wants to take over the monthly payment for her orthodontic bill rather than pay me directly. Note, I have already paid $1400 on the orthodontics including the deposit.
My question is two - fold. If I were to allow this, would this put me in contempt? I signed the contract for the orthodontic bill, so would it be wise for me to allow this at all, or should I request that he still pay me directly?

You and your ex must follow the court order. If the judge ordered that your ex pay one-half of the orthodontic bill directly to you, then it must be done that way and you should demand that he pay you directly. Any other way would put your ex in contempt for not following the judge’s order.