Ex wife moved out of state

My divorce was final 2 years ago. We now have a new judge that is much more fair than our previous 2 were. We were married and had a child together in Charlotte, NC. My ex wife left to Ga and now lives in SC about 3 hours away. For 3 years I have been picking my daughter up and her mother makes the drive here to get her back. My daughter is about to be at an age where school is a factor. With this in mind, visitation will be shortened to accomodate for school. What are my options? Again, I live where we were when married and had our daughter. We currently have joint legal custody.

You may file a motion to modify custody based on the substantial change in circumstances (her becoming school age). The proper place to file is in NC, where the current order exists.

What are the chances of winning?

I cannot predict the outcome of any case.