Ex-wife voluntarily quits job, wants more CS

I am posting for a friend who has no computer access:

He makes $1600/month; she made $3200/month. She voluntarily quit her job because her live-in boyfriend is supporting her. She now wants more child support. He is already paying $400/month voluntarily–there was no court-ordered child support. According to the CS calculator, he is already paying more than expected. Can his ex- go to court and force him to pay more CS? Does the fact that she voluntarily quit a good-paying job make any difference? He is already struggling with what he’s voluntarily paying and he has the child every weekend.

If she is suppressing her income in bad-faith then income can be imputed for her. Based on what you describe, this sounds like to be the case.

The above post is correct, if she acts in bad faith then the court may impute income to her.