Ex won't let me see my daughter (No Child Custody in place )


I was divorced in 2010 with a court order and finalized , and now I’m married. My ex and I were verbally agreed to have my daughter living 50% between us. She filled for Child support and I let her have the amount she wanted without any dispute. Now she moved my daughter to a school close to her without my knowledge, and she won’t let me see her unless if I have someone that can come with me.
1- Can she really stop me from seeing my daughter ?
2- can now dispute the child support, because I want my daughter to come live with me and well take care of her.
The ex did once send me an e-mail telling me she does not want my daughter anymore to live with her, she claimed she was angry with me. and now she took her and won’t let me see her. Would you please advise me what to do, I’m really heart broken , and I have not seen my daughter for 3 weeks. I only contact my daughter via e-mails ( something that her mother is controlling ).

Please help.


If you think the amount of child support is more than the guidelines allow then you should file for a modification. You can calculate your child support here:


Barring any other facts you didn’t present, and without an order in place, she doesn’t have a right to refuse you visitation. You should file for custody.