Ex won't sign quit claim

I will be short and to the point :slight_smile:
Divorce occured over a year ago with ED settled and signed. Part of the ED was transfer of a plot of land. Ex would have to sign quit claim. It has been a year and quit claim has not been signed (they didn’t have one made up at the time of ED hearing). Ex is bound by the ED contract to sign the quit claim. She now wants to put ‘stipulations’ on the signage (I will if you guarantee in writing that you’ll use the money for…).

Ex is in another county in NC. What recourse does the other party have.

  1. Can he sue for breach of contract?
  2. What proof / evidence is needed on his part?
  3. Is there paperwork he can do himself seeing that he already has the signed ED papers?

I didn’t know if he absolutely HAD to have a lawyer. Ex is filing backrupcy and he wants the deed signed. He’s afraid they may put a lien on the land because she is still on the deed.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

File a motion for contempt, if ED is outlined in a court order, or breach of contract if ED is outlined in an SA. All the proof you should need is the order or agreement. Yes, one can file on their own without a lawyer.

Thank you very much.

Lastly, are these forms available for DIY-ers? I didn’t know if a Motion for Contempt / Breach of Contract is usable across the field whether it be divorce, business, civil or other purposes. I’m trying to find a free or low-cost source for the document for filing. Thanks so much for your help and this VERY BENEFICIAL forum. You help so many of us with limited resources.

You are very welcome. We have forms available on our DIY site, and some counties have DIY clinics, or self serve clinics to help those who must proceed pro se.