Excluding spouse from health benefits

If I’m currently married (no SA yet signed) and living with spouse, can they exclude me (legally) from the family health plan that I pay my share of (the benefits are from the spouses job) If an SA is signed, does the pre-divorce health/dental plan offer me a grace period of coverage until I
can find another plan? Has the health care reform act made it easier for people with pre-existing conditions to find affordable health care (is any of it even in effect yet)? Can it be agreed to in an SA that the ex is allowed (or,forced to be, if it went to litigation) continued on the pre-divorce health plan for a defined period of time? Is the (high) cost of obtaining individual health coverage considered in ED, at least in negotiations?

                                                                                                          many thanks

Your spouse can likely not remove you from coverage according to the rules of the plan, unless it can be shown that you have obtained other coverage.

You can continue coverage through the actual divorce, and for 36months thereafter under COBRA if your spouse agrees to such a provision.

I cannot answer questions regarding health care reform.

Heath care costs are not a direct consideration in ED.