Expenses other than the CS calculator

My ex-spouse did not want my sons sleeping over during their visits. When Child support was set for him, it was set at $885. He has learned that overnight numbers were the factor, and since we have joint custody, he insists that they sleepover on every visit. The only financial difference this has made for him is that he feeds them cereal in the morning.

He is now filing a motion to have his chld support elimiated, as I actually about 20% more than he does. I’m putting the 3rd son through college on my own, and I still pay all medical, prescription, school, clothing for my 2 minor sons. I know the schedule will change because of the nights. Is there anythicong I can do to show how much greater my costs are than his?

Your expenses for the child who is in college (and over 18 years old) are not considered for the purposes of running the child support guidelines, but you may be able to argue a motion to deviate from the guidelines based on your actual expenses.