Explanation of NC Courts "voluntary" employment


the primary word I find confusing is “voluntary”. A stated disability is considered involuntary, but if it is not a full disability, is there consderation made for such?


Please explain:

If the arrangement were for joint-custody with the father paying child-support to the mother, how does the following apply? If the mother has a partial disability status and is drawing SSA benefits or other from disability insurance, is that applied to reduce the overall amount required of the father? the partial disability would not preclude her from gainful and substantial employment income.

“(3) Potential or Imputed Income. If either parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed to the extent that the parent cannot provide a minimum level of support for himself or herself and his or her children when he or she is physically and mentlaly capable of doing so, and the court finds that the parent’s voluntary unemployment or underemployment is the result of a parent’s bad faith or deliberate suppression of income to avoid or minimize his or her child support obligation, child support may be calculated based on the parent’s potential, rather than actual, income. Potential income may not be imputed to a parent who is physically or mentally incapacitated or is caring for a child whi…”

“the amount of potential income imputed to a parent must be based on the parent’s employment potential and probable earnings level based on the parent’s recent work history, occupational qualifications and prevailing job opportunities and earning levels in the community…”