"Extraordinary Expenses"

My company moved from a traditional insurance plan with limited co-pays and no deductibles to a high-deductible plan. I know the premium is included in the worksheet for child support, but it went down (considerably). Can I include deductibles in the extraordinary expenses line when we recalculate in a couple of months?

If you review child support guidelines, the basic child support presumption covers the first $250 in medical/dental expenses. If your child support Order does not address the issue of medical expenses in excess of this, it should. Typically, it will state that the parents share in the cost of uninsured expenses (meaning expenses insurance did not pay) in the same ratio as the parent’s income afte the first $250 each year. For instance, my Order states the NCP is to cover 36% of uninsured after the first $250.00

I’m sure the attorneys will weigh in on this though.