Fair alimony and equal didstribution

My lawyer arranged for my husband to pay the mortgage during our post separation period but shse did not arrange for him to pay any other kind of suppport As a result I have nO means of support. I am dissabled and am unable to support myself. i have no moeny coming in. UThat is why he left. He has inherited alot of money and could be helping me oout. He wants me to sell the house–but I need help cleaning it up to put it on the market. My lawyer now told me she doesn’t want to be actively negotiating unless I put the house on the market. But I can’t prepare it. The alminy whe had arranged for him to apy after divorce was $1700 per month. Given my medical problems and paying for my health insurance that puts me below poverty. Given teh circumstances, shouldd the alimony be enough to keeep the wolf from my door. Should equl distribution allow for more than 50% given the extent of his inheritance and me living on food stamps…this is sounding like a soap–but it’s real. What do I do? What is fair?

He is living in luxury. I wanted to ask for enough distribution to buy a small condo and enough alimony to live cmofortably–not in desperation. I told my attorney that I need extra help from him now. she doesn’t get it–and wants me to s ettle. I no longer have an advocate. My credit is getting worse weekly since a month ago.