Fast Forward 1 Year and 1 Day Separation?

My wife and I originally separated 6 years ago seeking a divorce. I made it 8 months and then caved to her promises of change and her promises that she would seek counseling for her diagnosed personality disorder and take medication. None of this ever manifested but I did continue to try and hang in there an additional 5 years for the sake of the kids. Now, I have left the physical/mental/emotional abuse for a 2nd and LAST time. My question is can I use ANY of the previous time of separation to speed the process of getting a divorce? I’m pretty sure the answer is no, and if that is the case, are there any other means in which I can use to make this process go faster? Physical attacks with a deadly weapon? Unfaithfulness? Anything at all?

Thanks in advance.

No, you cannot. You must be separated consistently for at least a year before seeking a divorce.