Father in law taking property and evicting me

This is a long story so please bare with me. In August of 2009, my husband was sent to prison and sentenced to 18 to 22 years. I have stood behind my husband and supported him throughout his trial and appeal and still help him when I can. We had to sell our home to pay attorney bills and when my husband left, my kids and I had to move in with my father in law. I lived with him for about a year and a half. I bought a trailer and, even though we had our differences, I put it on my father in laws land, rent free. When I was moving out of his house, he changed the locks and I never got all of my things out of his house. It was nothing that I couldn’t live without so I did not make a big deal about it. After a while, I started seeing someone. It was nothing serious and if you knew much about the relationship between me and my husband, then you would understand. I told my husband about it and expected some kind of retaliation because that is just the kind of people that they are. After a while, my father in law started buying my kids clothes and keeping them at his house and talking to them about a trip that I knew nothing about. It worried me so I left for about a week to clear my head and decide what to do. When I returned, my father in law had cut the electrical lines and removed the water line fitting that went to the trailer so we could not live there. I had been trying to sell some things (bobcat and motorcycle) that my husband and I owned (things we were trying to sell before my husband even went to prison). Once I realized that I couldn’t live there on his land I seriously started trying to sell those things so that I could afford to move my trailer. I went to get them when I had them sold but my father in law had hid them from me. He refuses to give them to me and even when I filed a report with the police, they say that it is a civil matter. When I filed the report, I found out that my husband had sent his dad paperwork stating that he had sold the bobcat to him. I still have the title to the motorcycle but the police still wont do anything. I just got a letter today about eviction. I spent $10k setting up and remodeling the trailer and only got to live there 6 months and some of that money was for a survey of his land so that I could put the trailer there. My question is this…is there anything I can do besides sue to get my belongings back, how long will I have to move my trailer and will I be able to get any of the money back that I put into setting up the trailer there. Any and all other advice is greatly appreciated. I have really tried to encourage and maintain my kids relationship with their father and my father in law. I have done nothing vindictive or spiteful to either of them and I am really very tired of being treated this way. I need help I do not know anything about the laws that govern this sort of thing.

Unfortunately, this sounds like a landlord-tenant question, and beyond the scope of the forum.