Father moved child out of state

My ex moved my son to CO this summer and told me that he was just going on vacation. He is enrolled in school over there and I have verified this with the principal. We have a custody order here in Charlotte that grants me joint legal custody and visitation every other weekend and holidays. My attorney is telling me that we can’t get a court date until January. Does this sound right? I think it should be seen as an emergency situation. If so, I think I might need a new attorney and would like to find another right away.

Thank you!

Correction: Cumberland County, NC has the order

I believe that there may be a way to file an ex parte motion to maintain status quo and have the child returned to the state. I also believe that whether this is feasible depends on the specifics of the move. It may be best for you to consult with a new attorney to decide if this plan would work for you.