FBI question


Dear scaredveryconfused:

You clearly need to speak with a criminal attorney, which I am not. I recommend you speak to one. Thank you.

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If anyone has any accurate info on the following please respond:

  1. Is it legal to mail or drive across the state borders a computer that may have “potential evidnece” on it.
  • Can I mail it to the DC FBI cyber departemnt with a note explaining why it may need forensic research?
  1. I don’t want to give the computer to the chralotte FBI, b/c I have no idea how long my husband’s reach is… (I know sounds paraniod, but very strange things are happening in our current situation here).

  2. Does anyone know of a good TRUSTWORTHY PI, who can:

  • make copies of vidoetape evidence
  • them transfer them to a DVD format and make copies (that can eventually be played on a portable DVD player in court)?
  • can refer a trustworthy FBI person?
  1. Anyone out here have any suggestions, refrrrals, advice to any of the above, please respond.