Filed for Equitible Distribution


I filed for Eq. Dist., I had a lawyer prepare the filing, but do not have a lawyer retained.
That lawyer, said I have 30 days in which to ‘file’ (?) the EDI (Eq Dist Inventory), a ‘good faith’ inventory of all assets.

When I filed it Family Court gave me a date for an ‘Initial Conf’, but could not answer if I had 30 days to complete and turn in the EDI
or wait to the Init Conf Call to ask.

I called the Judge’s Coordinator, who is the person I’m meeting with for the Init Conf Call, and she would not answer me either.

Can you shed light on the ED process ? What is needed when, is mediation mandatory, how long the whole process lasts (months?).


It can vary by county. A good place to look for the specific rules in your county is the AOC website :