Filing Question

Depends on the county family court rules.

I know in both Durham & Wake Counties that the initial inventory is not required until some time after the E/D complaint has been filed.

I will be filing the divorce papers on Monday. Regarding ED, on the cover sheet I will be putting an X in the box for divorce and ED. Do I also need to submit an inventory at that time for ED? House is in both names, loan in my name. He has said he will sign house over, but not until he gets his stuff (which we have agreed upon), but he has abandoned the property and moved to California and trying to get me to pay the expenses of shipping the stuff out there which I cannot and will not do. In essence, I will be asking the court for an unequal distribution. Do I need to type up something regarding that that will be filed with this initially on Monday or do I wait until after I get the green card back?
Thanks in advance for any guidance or feedback.

Marissa Gott