Filing a marriage certificate

I was married in Costa Rica by a duly elected CR official. The marriage certificate never made it to North Carolina (or the X wife destroyed it). If I return to CR and obtain a copy, showing the date of the marriage, is this recognized in NC if it’s not filed until now. There is a Social Security issue as well with the Feds. Is there a difference between the Federal filing and the state filing?

If you obtain a record of the marriage NC will recognize the same. Marriage licenses are not filed with the federal government as they are governed only by state law.

Thanks for your 1st answer…my question concerns the time line for NC state recognition. If I obtain a copy now, and file it on today’s date, was I legally married in the past when I invested $75k in the house that she owns. This is a marital property issue. As it stands now, she is filing for custody of the kids as “unmarried”…common law marriage not recognized by NC…trip to Costa, obtain a copy, maybe even one that is back dated, file it upon my return, when am I married according to NC legal statue in regards to laying claim on equity in the house (only her name on the deed, bought with her own money).

You were legally married as of the date the marriage took place in Costa Rica.

This is good news as I have been getting conflicting advice. Is there a statue or a case you can point me to in regards to this. I am going to spend $1000 in Costa Rica and I need to be absolutely confidant in your wonderful advice.

As I have noted in another post. my current lawyer is ineffective and not engaged in my case other than in reducing my retainer. Because of the obvious effectiveness of this web site, I have the feeling this law firm is also effective in court and with their (your) advice. Are you allowed ethically to advise me, at a meeting where I pay for a consulting fee, on how to remove my attorney from this case and recoup my money? It might be that upon hearing my case and my complaints that you feel there is nothing for me to worry about. Knowing that would be worth the consulting fee. I just need direction. Your other reply to the restraining order post was helpful as well in this regard.
And FYI, the number of the NC bar has a rotating message machine that advises you, the caller, to hang up and call back later. I have called several times and have yet to talk to a live person.

Case law research is beyond the scope of this forum, however you can read more about the validity of marriages in the North Carolina General Statues , 51-6. You may schedule a consultation with the firm by contacting our client liaison. Dial the main number and select extension 100.