Marriage License

I am a former resident of NC who now lives in Costa Rica (still an American citizen). I am planning to marry a Costa Rican here and in order to do so, I need to have a document that proves that I am not legally married in the States. Here the document is called the “Certificado de Estado Civil,” or the Certificate of Civil Status. I’m not aware of a similar document existing in the States and I think my only alternative would be to apply for a marriage license. The problem, of course, is that I live here and not in NC. Is there any option other than a marriage license? If I need to apply for a license, is it possible to do so if I can’t appear in person in NC? Thanks for any assistance.

34 views and no reply. Certainly somebody can offer a suggestion; I’m desperate! :slight_smile: Thanks.

I am not aware of a document regarding civil status. You for a marriage license in NC, only if you plan to marry in this State. I believe your answer lies with an attorney in Costa Rica.