Filing and Purchasing a Property

If you and your spouse have already resolved your ED issues and the closing will not be scheduled until after the divorce is granted then there should be no problem. If you and your spouse have not resolved ED and are presently in litigation, then any money you use for the down payment could be considered marital property.

As far as the title of the property goes, if you are divorced his name will not be on the deed. Make sure you do not schedule the closing too close to the date of the divorce in the event it is delayed for some reason. Good Luck.

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Are there risks to ED if one spouse enters into a Purchase Agreement for a new home, yet does not schedule the closing until after the Divorce Judgement is granted?

In otherwords, can one spouse whom is in the process of filing the Divorce with the Court, enter into a Purchase Agreement with a Seller of a home, and yet not schedule the closing until after the Divorce Judgement is granted? Or by entering into the Purchase Agreement does that denote it to be marital property that should be considered in ED?

How does that work?