Filing Custody In North Carolina

Hello again, I’m back doing more research for my friend.
Here is the link to the original question I asked

My husband and I are trying to find all the information for our friend in terms of how he can file for custody. Can you do it yourself here in North Carolina or do you need an attorney? I
Also, before you mentioned an equitable distribution to get the car back, but under our understanding of the paperwork for this it says they both need to agree and sign on it? Is there anyway to file for the car since she has no license, no insurance, and is committing endangerment and is a liability?

Any help would be grateful and thank you for your time.
By the way do you have a Havelock, NC office?

You may file an action for custody pro se, or without an attorney.
If the parties do not agree on Equitable Distribution a claim can be filed and the judge will rule on how the assets will be distributed. Her license issues, have nothing to do with the distribution of assets.
We do not have an office in Havelock.