Filing for emergency custody on weekends?

First, where would a parent go to file, and what would be the filing fee?

Second, can a parent file for an emergency custody order on the weekend?

Reasons for filing are child is not being made to bathe regularly, other parent mocks them for their weight and disability, other parent yells and threatens to kick child out of the house, other people in the house hold walk around the child in just underwear and sometimes naked, other parent has on several times come to physical blows with other family members in fron of the child, other parent refuses to let child talk to parent they don’t typically reside with and has denied that parent any and all access to the childs medical, school, and extracurricular records. There is a pending mediation but no current agreement in place.

If you need to file for emergency custody on the weekend, you need to go to the magistrate in your county and ask how you should proceed as the way counties handle emergency custody on the weekend varies. If you already have a pending custody matter, the issue of emergency custody should only be a motion which is currently a $20 filing fee.