Filing for legal/physical custody

Since it sounds like you already have a separation agreement that addresses custody of the children, you would either have to mutually agree to modify the agreement, or file a separate action for custody and visition to ask the court to make any changes in the current situation. You would not be able to do that in the divorce hearing, unless you put it in your divorce complaint or your answer to any complaint filed by your spouse.

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My stbx and I will be divorcing soon. In regard to custody, the separation papers only address joint custody and equal visitation. One of my two children is my step-child, and I’m aware of my lack of any legal ground there. However, I am interested in physical/legal custody of my other child to simply be able to have final say in major issues. Specifically, I am concerned about her wanting to leave the state with the kids.

Can we address custody at the divorce hearing or do I need to file a custody action in addition? Thanks