Filing tax returns


I just want to share my opinion here, am not one of those who run the site.

You need to check how your spouse is filing taxes because if he files as a Married filing jointly, he needs your signature on the return as well, for it to be processed.

If he files married filing separately, he will need to give your SS number and you would also need to file a return.

One way or another, and if he does things clean without forging your signature, you should know what he did.

Have you tried discussing the 2004 tax filing issue with him? What did he say?


Dear Rayray:

Greetings. My advice is for you to speak with a CPA concerning this issue. In our office, we have a CPA on staff that can answer these questions during our initial financial analysis.

I believe that he can file his taxes married filing separately, but the refund may be a marital, separate, or mixed asset. Once again though, check with your CPA. Thank you.

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Have been seperated for 6 months now and my question is, can my spouse go ahead and file 2004 tax returns without me and receive an refund. I do not work and have only received alimony and he has been paying the mortgage payments. I have been the dependent spouse for nearly 12 years. He has been paying the mortgage payments and alimony due to audltery. The tax return issue has not come up prior but I have been told that he can file and keep the refund all to himself. Os this true?