I would like to know what paperwork you need to get in order before seeing an atty and how that appt. is made.
Divorce after all is all about $ and I do not want my credit ruined trying to maintain 2 households that we cannot afford. This is why I was going to try and get a house contingent on the other home selling and lease it while I was in good standing credit wise.
That way I would be out of the home and the year will start calculating and my kids would have a new stable home in which to live and the hard part would be over. I would have already taken whatever furniture I could use. ect. Especially since alot of stuff I had prior to marriage. (And By the way how would I prove this because he will say everything is his?)

You can bring as much, or as little paper work as you chose to an initial consultation, more often than not, there is not enough time to review documents in an initial meeting. You may contact an attorney’s office by phone to schedule a consultation.