Forcing a short sale

My ex is refusing to refinance property to remove me from 2 mortgages, and I will not sign quit claim deeds until this is in process, and can be done simultaneously. This is a 60 year mortgage, that a millionaire didn’t even need to get in the first place…in hindsight, it was done to place debt on me because he planned on leaving me for another woman.
If he continues to refuse to refinance, and my attorney will not file contempt as he keeps stating he will do, but doesn’t…
can I force a short sale? I am on deed of trust and mortgages…I agreed to sign quit claims, but he agreed to refinance. We have been divorced a year in May.

If you have an attorney then this question is best directed to him. That said, to force the sale you’d have to go to court and sue for specific performance, if you have a contract that requires sale, or file for ED and convince the judge sale of the home is the proper course of action.