Former marital resd-ED

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I have a spouse who abandoned the former marital residence last year and moved out of state after I had initiated separation. I then moved back into this residence months ago. (I continue to make all payments, mtg, ins, utils, etc, deed in both names)

We have not settled on the ED phase, and I am wondering how “safe” my home is. She no doubt wants her “stuff” and her past actions indicate she may come back and attempt to “secure” the home while I am not there, to get her stuff.

My atty says I would simply “have her arrested for Domestic Trespass” if she attempted to do so. Is this really the best method to assure that the home won’t be ransacked and gone through like a rummage sale? I have requested from her via attys a list of things to be removed, but without response…

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I suggest you change the locks.

sorry, duplicate.

Thank you. I changed locks, have security system. Anything further I can do to avoid unintended access/entry if she has locks picked while I am not home?

I understand that she needs some of our furniture and have communicated that I need a list and orderly removal of her things while I am present, and am willing to be amicable…

I think you have covered your bases as well as you can.