My soon to be ex wife moved back in

My wife and I own a house together. She filled for divorce then moved out. It had been a couple of months since I’ve spoken to her. I come home today and she is in the home. She says she has equal access to the house. She wants us to share the house, or me to move out since I make more money. The cops says it’s an civil issue. Where do I go from here.

Are you divorced?

No we are in the process. We just had out pretrail for ED. We go back to court sometime in 2010

I am not sure how she was able to get back in the house as the locks should have been changed when she moved out. In any event the court does not have jurisdiction to hear ED if you are living together. You may threaten to have her claim for ED dismissed if she does not move out.

So I’m pretty much stuck??

You can move out of the home and file a motion for interim distribution seeking that the court award you possession of the residence.

You should have changed the lock the very next day or that same day before she was allowed to bring anything of hers into the house. For all we know she was just wanting to talk to you about the divorce. Heres a idea. when shes gone change the lock and go stay at a hotel for the weekend. Don’t answer her calls, Don’t tell her where you at. Then if she breaks the window or kick the door in call the police. Its bad to say but"Let The Games Begin". I been there and done that.