Free Trader Agreement

is this your ex who is writing on here as “doc in trouble”? If not, your situations seem eerily similar.

wow…you are right mal…very similar situations
In trying to answer the question, he would need to get your signature. Unless there is something that I have not read, the home, if purchased using marital funds that are required to be divided, and while still legally married would required your name to be on the deed. Unless, he has not officially purchased the home…my husband knew the builder and rented our home prior to his divorce. I know that there are ways around this because I’ve seen a lot of posts that this has been done. Hopefully an attorney will respond.

Could I ask that the home be sold as it was bought illegally?

I cannot tell you for sure if the home was bought illegally without examining all the paperwork. The only way it would be illegal would be if he forged your signature. Even if the sale was illegal the court would probably not order it sold, but would use that factor when determining the credibility of his testimony.

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My spouse bought a new home within 3 weeks after we separated. He never had me sign a Free Trader Agreement. What are the legal raminfications of that? He used marital funds to make the down payment.