Full disclosure?

Wow you gave her a yearly increase and alimony for 8 years? I hope that you guys didn’t do that agreement without a lawyer because it sounds like you got screwed!

Unless you signed something in those papers saying you have to, I see no reason for you to have to disclose your income to her. If she wants to know it, let her file papers and try to convince a judge.

I agree. If there is nothing in the agreement stating that full disclosure of income must be made to other spouse each year, then you do not have to disclose your income. You only have to pay what was agreed on. If she believes that your income has increased enough to warrant modifying child support, then she will need to file for it. Child support can be modified upon a 15% change of income or lifestyle, and can be modified or “looked at” again every 3 years through the state regardless of any change. If your income decreases 15% or more you can also file for modification to decrease the amount of support you pay. I don’t think this affects alimony though…

It depends on the terms of the agreement, if the agreement does not require you to disclose your income then you have no specific obligation to do it. However, if she believes you have not disclosed your income fully she could file an action for breach of contract.

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My ex and I are legally separated with an executed Separation Agreement signed by both of us and notarized. In it are the specific dollar amounts of alimony I must pay (including annual fixed dollar amount - not percentage - of my bonus) each of the 8 years of its duration. Child support is also spelled out with language for increases per guidelines each year until they are 18. My ex claims that I still, by law, must make full financial / income disclosure to her every year that i must pay child support. I say that as long as I meet the payments spelled out by the agreement that I do not. Is she right or am I? Thanks.