General Divorce Questions

I have recently decided to leave my husband and have questions on how to procced with a divorce. We are currently in marriage counsleing. I have already made up my mind about separating and would like to get a general understanding of how divorce works froma legal perspective in NC as from what I have read, it can be quite complicated.

This forum is intended to answer general questions, and I cannot lay out the entire process in one post-it would be far too large of a post. You can read all about the different elements to what is involved on the home page. There is a tab for each issue that may apply to you, Equitable Distribution, Post-Separation Support, Alimony, Attorney’s Fees, Child Custody and Child Support. There are also some very helpful videos you can watch to learn more. We have a live radio show on Wednesdays at 11am, and offer live seminars for a general overview of the law here in NC. Please contact our client liaison to inquire as to the next seminar location and date nearest you.