Getting $40,000.00 in Arrears?


My question is about arrears. I have had a support aggreement since 1999 and he is $40,000. in arrears. I go through child support enforcement in Davidson County. Every few mounths for 14 years we are in court. (This has cost the state more than it cost to raise her! ) We go to court again July 11th.
My daughter turns 18 in December but will still be in High School. I know he will fight paying past 18. I was also told the courts won’t fight arrears. I overheard my worker tell someone if she just pays $20.00 a month on her arrears only case, they won’t enforce it. Her arrears was very low but it has me worried.
Can I take him to court and get a car or something for my daughter in place of arrears? He has 3 in his wifes name. My daughter will need furniture when she moves out. They have a $3,000.00 couch and a 55 inch TV etc etc. I am just worried that when child support stops the courts will order a $50.00 a month arrears payment and that isn’t enough to pay her car insurance!
He has had his niece living with them for a few years now and she has been to proms and partys and graduation pictures etc etc. My daughter did get a Happy Birthday text last year.



You should argue to the court that the amount of the arrears payment should remain the same, as the balance is so excessive, he would never pay it off if he only paid it in $20 monthly increments. How your county child support enforcement office and judges handle this type of issue would be better answered by a local attorney. If you are truly concerned about the potential outcome on July 11th, you should consider having a consultation to discuss it and determine how you should approach the court date.