Child support & arrears


My husband’s ex wife is now claiming that there were a few times a few years ago that he didn’t pay her child support and that he owes her additional money. I have an excel spread sheet of all the payments we have ever made to her including check #s and when they were cashed and money order #s when we were paying her that way. Can she just come up with a random amount and no dates and say we owe her that or is the burden of proof on her to give specific weeks she wasn’t paid ?

Also, I posted this last week and had not gotten a response.

My step daughter turned 18 this month and is still in high school. She graduates in a month or so. My question is that in their agreement it just says he is ordered to pay support for the minor child. It does not say until she graduates high school or any other time frame just the “minor child” part. I have not sent her child support this week since she turned 18 and her mother is saying we have to pay until she graduates. Can you advise me of what we should do ?


If your husband does not believe that he is in arrears, then he shouldn’t pay her additional money. If the child support obligation is based on an agreement, she will have to take him to court for a breach of contract claim. If there is no validity to her allegations, she would likely not take the matter to court.