Getting Divorced

you are both 100% responsible for the payment of the lease. If you stop paying or only pay half it will hurt BOTH of your credit ratings and the landlord can come after both of you for the money.

I am sorry about what happened to you but I think you are better off moving getting him off the lease and moving on with your life this guy is a creep.


Dear, Take his to court or better first seek legal advice to find out what your rights are exactly. As long as he is on the lease he is reponsible for his half of the rent or finding you a replacement roommate. Next time please make sure you get proof that the divorce is final. If not there is always a chance that they will go back to their spouse. I hope that you can move on past this and find someone who is single and worth the headache[:D][:D]

I was talking with somone eaalier this year whom said he was divorced. We got engaged and i move to his town. In the meantime he told me the divrce was not yet final that he was separted. We got an apartment together (we r both on lease) and then after a couple of months he left and resumed his marriage in which separation had not even been filed. He now wants me to get rid of me and the apt. Do i have any rights at all with the apt and what about rent. Can i still make him pay his portion