Getting paid under the table and child support


STBX and I agreed that I would not have an income imputed to him while unemployed, but that when he began working we would do child support per the NC calculator. Our official agreement is still in progress, but I understand that I can file for child support at any time without the agreement.

He is currently working for his family’s business on a consulting basis, where they pay him under the table so to speak out of their share of income. Can I still file for child support? He gets them every other weekend and I currently pay for everything. The calculator asks for gross income, but his gross and net are equal. Should I round up his salary as if taxes were taken out for the calculator? Since there is no official record via taxes of his working, can he refuse to pay the support?


You can file for child support, and his actual pay would be used to calculate support.


If I enter his actual pay, should I also enter my actual pay? It asks for gross income but seems unfair to enter his net and my gross.

Also, if he refuses to pay me what the online calculator says to pay, what recourse do I have since he has no paychecks to garnish by the state? How would CSE do this?


Both of your gross incomes should be used. CSE can engage in discovery to obtain the truth regarding his income.