Gift at the time of wedding ceremony

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jewellry / ring / any other item gifted to the bride at the time of wedding ceremony is considered marital property of both or personal property of the bride?

It depends on whether the gift was to you, specifically, or a gift to the marriage. For many gifts, this can be argued either way.

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It is considered to be a gift to the bride and given before completion of marriage ceremony (during the ceremony).
How do we ascertain whether personal or marital?

This is really going to vary on a case by case basis. It does not matter if it was given before the ceremony if it is a ‘wedding gift.’ For instance, if someone gave you a set of china as a wedding gift, and they happened to give it to you the day of the ceremony, but hours before, this is still going to be considered martial property (a gift to the marriage).

If you are trying to distinguish a wedding gift as your separate property you will need to show/argue that it was a gift to you and not a gift to the marriage. For instance, your mother gave you a pearl necklace on the day of the wedding - this can be argued to be a gift to you. Contrast that with someone giving you a grill. The grill is most likely a gift to the marriage, unless there is evidence that the grill was specifically intended to be yours, and not for you both to enjoy.