Going to Court

Its >30 days post-service and there has been no reply to my complaint.

The complaint itself is simple, the only thing I’m asking at this time is for the divorce. I’m asking that ED be heard at a later date & I am not addressing custody or child support. (I’ve opened a child support case with DSS.)

My court date is for next week. The “Judgment” is already on file, waiting for the judge to sign it. Apparently, this is going to occur in the midst of traffic court. I am to be seated at 9:30am and wait to be called. What, if anything, should I bring with me? Is there anything specific I need to say to the judge?

And finally - on the last page of the Judgment, there is a “Certificate of Service” stating “I hereby certify that the foregoing Judgment for Absolute Divorce has bee served upon the Defendant by forwarding a copy thereof by first-class mail, postage prepaid, addressed to Defendant as follows…” and I’m to sign that.
I haven’t signed that page yet as I’m assuming I should mail this off after the judge signs it. Am I correct in this assumption? When exactly should I mail a copy of the Judgment and when should I sign that last page?

I recommend you have a copy of all documents filed in the case and proof of service (in case something is missing from the court file). The judge will ask you questions to confirm the allegations in your complaint and will ask you if you wish to be divorced.

You are correct about the COS, it will be singed the day the judgment is issued and mailed to the Defendant.