Don't I have to be personally served?

My husband texted me and said his attorney mailed me divorce papers. I don’t want this divorce but don’t I have to be personally served and sign that I received papers or can they just be dropped in the mail with no service or signature? He says to expect the papers any day now. He is mentally ill and going through a psycotic episode as he’s done before during our marriage. I know he is confused about this decision of divorce and will greatly regret this. Yesterday he texted me that he loves me very much and did his best to be a good husband to me. How can I drag my feet until he comes to his sences?? Do I have to accept the papers if I’m not served? Also, if I file a motion for ED will this buy us some more time? His family is trying to get him to see the consequences of his actions and reason with him. They also want me to do all I can to detain this because he goes through these episodes and then changes suddenly.

Yes, you do. The Defendant (you) will need to be served with the Complaint for divorce and also a Civil Summons. After the 30 days have expired in which you can file an Answer to Plaintiff’s Complaint, Plaintiff may then request a court date from the Clerk to schedule your Absolute Divorce hearing. Plaintiff must also send the Defendent a Notice of Hearing, which requires them to give you at least 5 days notice of the court date. It will typically take 30-60 days from beginning to end.