Can you have his number blocked through your phone service?


If its messing with you that bad change your number


I have blocked his mother’s phone number (which is where the last one came from in New York), but I can’t block his work number. I have changed my phone number one time (when we were still living together) and I would rather not do that again. However, if that is my only recourse then I will but it is a pain in the tail to do that and notify everybody about your new number. Thanks for the advice.



Dear had_enough:

Greetings. I have heard, although I don’t know for sure, that you can contact the telephone company and let them know of his harassing phone calls. Otherwise, just hang up on him. He just probably realizes what a good thing he lost and has to call every now and then. [:)] Thank you.

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My soon to be ex husband keeps calling my house but won’t leave a message. I have told him numerous times that I don’t want any contact with him. He only calls about once a month, but this is his way of still “messing with my head”. We were married for four years and he was mentally abusive as well as having a bad temper. I just want him to leave me alone and I only want to deal with him when we sign the divorce papers. What recourse do I have as far as getting him to leave me alone? Can I get some type of protective order or do I simply have to put up with it? HELP!!!