Have S.A., need to finalize Absolute Divorce

Hi, my wife & I had a collaborative attorney mediate a sep’ agreement for us last year. It’s been recorded, and executed to our mutual satisfaction. Our year of separation is up. I need to legally finalize our divorce. I’m a Henderson County resident, she has since moved to Ohio.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to make this happen, particularly all the “service” requirements. Talked to a couple local attorneys who didn’t seem to want to “mess with” it (not worth their time?) or charge a substantial amount. I have a Buncombe Co. “DIY Divorce” document, as well as online info Rosen has kindly provided. I get the impression the procedures vary a good bit in each county. Can you offer any suggestions on how to file myself? Is this part of what your $199 online coaching service covers?

-Thanks, WB

Yes, the DIY site includes a complete step by step guide to filing for absolute divorce on your own.